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Mix: Why More Other Words Need Me?

Title: Why More Other Words Need Me?
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Fictional characters, not mine.
Warnings: Large images.

The title is from episode 3120. To the middle-act guest, from the Living Tongues Institute for Endangered Languages, Stephen protested, "English is good for talk I make. Why more other words"

So here's a foreign-language mix for a man who doesn't believe in them. Features singin' in Latin, Japanese, Hindi, French, Polish, Swedish, German, Arabic, Sindarin, and, yes, Korean.

(I had a lot of help compiling this, but unfortunately I didn't write down who recommended which songs. My apologies; this mix owes a lot to you. If you remember nominating one, please say so!)

Sarah Brightman - Ave Maria (Hail Mary) (Latin)
The soothing part of being Catholic.

Mari Sasaki (Irresponsible Captain Tylor) - Downtown Dance (Japanese)
Everybody loves Stephen.

Abhijeet (Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani) - I Am The Best (Hindi)
The man has a bit of an ego.

Edith Piaf - Milord (My Lord) (French)
Stephen pretends to be proud and aloof and above it all. Jon eventually sees through it.
[h/t stellar_dust]

Lombard - Mister of America (Polish)
He keeps up a frantic pace. He's searching for something, and he doesn't know what.

ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION (Fullmetal Alchemist) - Rewrite (Japanese)
He creates an acceptable reality - and an acceptable self - with his show. Without it, he's nothing.

Finntroll - Eliytres (Swedish)
"So angry! . . ." One of these days, he's going to snap.

E Nomine - Vater Unser (Our Father) (German)
The ominous part of being Catholic.

Anggun - Un Geste D'Amour (A Gesture of Love) (French)
With certain people, he will do anything for a scrap of affection.

Cheb Mami - Ana Oualache (And Why?) (Arabic)
He tries so hard to be good.

Patrick Bruel - Qui a le droit? (Who Has The Right?) (French)
His philosophy was fixed very early on.
[h/t stellar_dust]

Howard Shore (The Lord of the Rings) - The Crack of Doom (Sindarin)
Stephen at his lowest. Jon to the rescue!
[h/t stellar_dust]

BUMP OF CHICKEN - Laugh Maker (Japanese)
Jon tries to cheer Stephen up. Stephen resists at first, but eventually relents.

Pia Douwes, Uwe Kröger (Elisabeth) - Wenn Ich Tanzen Will (If I Want To Dance) (German)
Stephen asserts his independence.

Rain - I'm Coming (Korean)
He's back. Look out, whoever's in his sights this time.

There is also a bonus track. Because sometimes your feelings can only be expressed in Korean.

Translation Sources:
"Ave Maria" - LyricWiki
"Downtown Dance" - chaos2
"I Am The Best" - BollyWHAT Forums
"Milord" and "Un Geste D'Amour" - by me, with major help from the WordReference forums
"Mister of America" - AllTheLyrics forums
"Rewrite" - Anime Lyrics dot com
"Eliytres" - Dark Lyrics
"Vater Unser" - E Nomine forums
"Ana Oualache" - All The Lyrics forums, A Boston Vignette
"Qui a le droit" - Patrick Bruel paroles
"The Crack of Doom" - The Return of the King annotated score
"Laugh Maker" - Anime Lyrics dot Com
"Wenn Ich Tanzen Will" - transcribed from this video by alexandraki
"I'm Coming" - Rain Songs and Lyrics

-Errata- (not re-uploading the .zip, sorry)
"Eliytres" is Swedish, not Finnish.
The lyrics of "Mister of America" refer to a woman, not a man.

Tags: author: sailorptah, mix, pairing: "stephen"/jon, rating: g
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