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And That's The Wørd
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A Stephen Colbert-centric, meta-friendly fanfiction community.
• G E N E R A L •
For fanworks, meta, and/or general geeking out about the characters of The Colbert Report.

• M Ø R E . S P E C I F I C A L L Y •
Any type of post related to the fictional TCR universe is kosher here: fiction, art, vids, mixes, comics, meta, discussion, squee. There's room for everything from in-depth analysis to unabashed fangirling.

The obvious subjects are "Stephen" and his staff (Bobby, Tad, Meg, etcetera); but it's okay to include or even focus on the personae of the actors on The Daily Show, as well as people who aren't actors at all. (I hear Anderson Cooper has a few fans.)

The only limit is that it needs to take place in a world in which "Stephen Colbert" is a genuine well-intentioned, poorly-informed, high-status idiot.

The Tags
  Are Going
  To Get
  I Can Tell
• E L S E W H E R E •
General TCR posts may be more appropriate in colbert_report or tdstcr_ot.

Fanworks about the actors (i.e., Stephen the liberal actor, not Stephen the conservative blowhard) belong in tds_rps or fakenews_fanfic.

Fanworks about the characters (if not involving Jon) may be crossposted to tcr_fps. Fanart of anyone on TDS and TCR may be crossposted to fakenews_fanart.

If there's a community I've missed, let me know!

What, No
• P Ø S T I N G •
Any spoilers for the most recent TDS and/or TCR belong behind an LJ-cut.

All fanworks should have a header that includes the following information:
Title: Self-explanatory.
Rating: Use the MPAA system (G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17).
Warnings: If there's content that people might object to, please tip us off.
Disclaimer: Not optional. A sample disclaimer is below.
Summary/Notes: Also self-explanatory.

  To Warn For
  Baby Carrots
• Ø T H E R •
Play nice. That means constructive criticism is encouraged; an unqualified "you're doing it wrong" is not; and personal attacks are right out.

Jell-O must never be jiggled. If you look at a cat and it sneezes, no dessert for a week.

So, y'know, all the usual rules apply.
  Have Fun!